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My BDay Pictures Sep. 27th, 2004 @ 10:22 am

Finally!!! We went to the park!!! Friday, before my birthday. I do not know this dog very well but she comes very often now. I do not mind her though, she leaves me alone. I like that.

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MORE CAMPING! Aug. 9th, 2004 @ 10:15 am
Ok, we all went camping again, this time to the Preble Family Reunion, dogs allowed! I guess my daddies family owns a bit of land on the lake and they all have their own cabins! We do not have a cabit but stayed in the grandfathers cabin! Mikes grandparents did not like me very much because I jumped on them, and his grandmother hates dogs...why I ask? I do not know because we are so lovable!!

There were so many kids to play with!!! Also there were so many dogs! We all played in the water and ran after balls and sticks. The other dogs kept stealing my sticks and balls and for that, I do not care. After a while, I became friends with the Australian Shepard which everyone thought was a Border Collie and I am thinking "no! I am intense! she is not!!!".

The Australian Shepards name was Anna. She had a LOT of hair, where was her tail? She had none! Her parents were very nice and they loved me!

The lab was Baxter, he was huuuge and he liked me too much it made me uncomfortable. He was too big!!

The Miniature Collie was Baily, she was OK, she barked a lot and did not play in the water with us.

The Chiuaha (sorry if I spell wrong, I AM A DOG!) was my best friend Choochoo, she was not in a playful mood at all though, I guess because all the other dogs kept trying to play with her! In fact she was so pissed she started to shake and had to be held the whole time.

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Kola Aug. 6th, 2004 @ 10:35 am
There is a dog that lives upstairs. It is a big dog that always growls at me!!! Her name is Kola. She is so old! She leaves her hair everywhere in the yard (I only leave my hair on mommy and daddys bed). But she leaves chunks of hair. Anyway at first I was weary of her and she was nice...now that I want to play she nips me!!!! WHY? And there is a cat that hisses at me when all I want to do is play!

Tomorrow, we are going to a camp (more campimg??) but it will be better this time because there is a lake that I will be allowed to swim in! And other dogs! There is going to be an Australian Shepard that is not a border collie but its similar! I hope its a girl dog because I only like girl dogs because boy dogs try to hump my butt!!!

We went to Acadia National Park on Wednesday too. I met a family on top of cadilac mountain at sunset and they all loved me!!!! There were two young kids that were petting me and letting me lick them, and their parents loved me especially their daddy. And there were two older people that loved me too! Here are some pictures of me:

updates! Aug. 2nd, 2004 @ 11:46 am
Mommy updated Twobit's Shop!

Bask in the cute that is: me Jul. 31st, 2004 @ 04:58 pm

I am learning new tricks. My mommy is improving my sit and now right when she says "sit" I drop my butt right down...because I might get a treat and it makes mommy so happy!
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» camping!!
We finally got back from camping! I did not poop the whole time!!! When we came in the house I pooped all over the kitchen floor!! I HATED camping. I wanted to run in the ocean...it was RIGHT there but mommy said it was too dangerous for my paws and the ocean too rough...I could handle it! I just wanted to swim! Ok well it was not all that bad. We did play with the tennis ball for a while and I could run around free. Also in the tent it was so comfy in between mommy and daddy on the air mattress. There were two chipmunks that kept taunting me but I did not care.

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» camping!
My mommy and daddy are taking me camping! I am not sure what that means but...they are packing up things that suggest we will be out side and I love the OUTSIDE! Maybe they will let me off the leash if I promise not to run off which I am very good at.

Mommy bought a clicker thing yesterday and she keeps clicking it and giving me treats. I am not sure what to think of the noise...it usually comes with treats and when I do something good...so is it a good thing? Maybe.

Mommy also keeps talking about agility and spaying me, oh I would like to run around and jump on things but why can't she leave my lady bits alone?
» moms insane!
Does this mean she is going to try and take more pictures of me?
» freak out!

Ok so, I was looking out the window and the box fan fell on me!!!! SO I RAN! And into the hallway I slid into the coat rack AND IT FELL ON ME!!!! But I kept running, I was so scared!! When my parents heard the crash they came and made sure I was OK but I WAS NOT OK because I was so scared. They picked me up and I held on so tight. Then when they cleaned up the mess I investigated and smelled the fan and coat rack so carefully to make sure they were not evil.
» eew
My mom told me my butt stinks.
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